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300k Per Month
Real Visitors
USA Targeted
Niche Targeted
  • Niche Targeted
    Choose from over 130+ Niches.
  • USA Targeted
    Traffic comes from the United States.
  • Real Visitors
    Our traffic comes from real people.
  • Full Page
    Our expired traffic loads in a full page iframe.
  • Volume
    Up to 10k visits per day.
  • C-Panel
    Free c-panel to control the traffic flow.
  • Cost Effective
    Lower cost than keyword ad campaigns.
  • Guaranteed
    We guarantee you’ll receive all traffic.

Targeted Traffic

Targeted traffic from over 300 niches and from the US, UK, or World wide.


Purchase our traffic with security. Paypal verified.

100% Guarantee

If you don’t get all the website traffic you bought, you’ll get a refund.

Real People

Get real, unique, human visitors to your website. Have more people learn about your product, your service, and message.

Increase Value

Increasing traffic increases the value of advertising space on your website. Additionally it increases the price you can sell your website for.

Statistics Reporting

Watch and control your traffic from the control panel you are provided after purchase.

The Advantages of Buying Expired Domain Traffic

Expired domain traffic comes from once popular websites that were not renewed by their former owners. They allowed the domain names of the websites to expire, so the domain names could be purchased by other companies. What is left is a domain name that is receiving a lot of traffic that can be redirected to another website. Hence the name, expired domain traffic.

There are advantages to buying our expired domain traffic that include:

Real Visitors

Real people are coming to the expired domain and being redirected to your website, which we load in a full page iframe. So you know they will see it and they could interact if your landing page is eye catching.

Niche Targeting

We categorize our expired domains by niche based on the keywords in the domain name and the content that had previously been on the website. When placing your order you will be able to select one of our niches and we will only direct traffic from that niche to your website.

GEO Location Targeting

We filter our expired domain traffic by GEO location, so you will be able to choose the country of origin. This improves your chances of conversions since you know the traffic will be able to read the language of your website and the content will be relevant to them.

Traffic Control

After your traffic purchase, our support team will set up your traffic campaign and a c-panel for you to log in to, so you can control your traffic. You will be able to change the daily visits, stop and start the visits, and also track the amount of visits that has been served.

Cost Effective Traffic

Purchasing keyword targeted website traffic can be expensive. You need a high conversion rate to make a profit. By purchasing lower costing expired domain traffic, you do not need a conversion rate as high to turn a profit. This means you get more back for your money, making for more effective advertising campaigns.

No Waiting for SEO

Getting organic traffic can take time, especially with all the changes google has been making to its algorithm the past year. Instead of waiting and hoping for google to start ranking your site, purchase traffic so you are guaranteed of having visits.

Makes Your Website More Valuable

Increasing the visits to your website increases its value. Your website looks more popular, allowing you to charge more for CPM advertising. It may also increase your sites revenue through other sources like affiliate sales, which also increases its value. With increased profit, the price you can sell your website for goes up.

Orders are Guaranteed

We guarantee that you will receive all of the expired domain traffic you ordered as long as your website complies with our ToS. If we can determine there was a malfunction with our system, we will refund you for the unsent traffic or send further traffic until your order has completed.