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Terms of Service


REBEL Internet B.V.
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1012 JN Amsterdam

KVK: 58114785
BTW: NL852880595B01

Contact: support[AT]
Call us: +31 20 808 73 48

User’s Acknowledgment and Acceptance of Terms

All orders placed through (“us” or “we) are subject to the following terms and conditions. By placing an order, you (“client”) are agreeing to these terms and acknowledge that you (“client”) have read and understood them.

  • Traffic Terms of Service
  • Email Marketing Terms of Service
  • General Terms of Service

Websites that contain the following will not be accepted:

  1. Popup windows.
  2. Forced JavaScript messages.
  3. Stumble upon links.
  4. Frame breaking scripts.
  5.,, and other PTP sites.
  6. Domains ending in .tk or
  7. Russia .ru, Germany .de, and India .in must target the country they originate in.
  8. Adwares, Trojans, malicious codes, phishing URLS.
  9. iFrames redirecting to malicious sites.
  10. Sites with hateful, racist, or illegal content.

In addition for Alexa and Adult traffic:

  1. Auto playing videos or sound is not allowed.

If any of the above is added to a website after it has been approved, the client’s campaign will be stopped and the client will not be provided a refund.

We also reserve the right to decline service to any websites as we so wish. A refund will be provided if we do.

Delivery Speed of Orders

We process all orders manually to insure the highest quality of service. Within 24 hours after you place an order, our support team inserts your website in to one of our advertising networks and sets up your c-panel. A confirmation email is then sent and your traffic campaign goes in to the queue awaiting our tech team’s final approval. Once approval is given, traffic will begin. The tech team’s approval happens within 20 hours. If it hasn’t, please contact us. However, Popunder, Adult, and Alexa traffic campaigns only begin sending traffic on weekdays.

Delivery Speed of Traffic

During the ordering process, clients are able to select the delivery speed of their traffic. However, not all GEO targets or niches have the inventory available to deliver at higher daily visit limits. So we cannot guarantee we can match the ordered delivery speed. We also set up all new clients with a delivery speed of at least 5 days (unless it is a larger order) to protect ourselves against fraudulent purchases.

For Popunder orders that have sound, auto playing videos, or pop-ups / javascript prompts, your traffic will run slower since we only run these type of sites on a small percentage of our popunder network.


We provide a c-panel that will track the visits for clients. We will also set up the clients’ links to go through, so they can have an independent source of tracking.

Third parties we also recommend for tracking are the tools or Or the link shorten besides can be used.

We do not recommend using Google Analytics, Awstats, and other 3rd party scripts like them. They will not be reliable with our traffic and we do not send extra traffic if one of them shows a shortfall. We will if does.

Ordering Error

Any errors made while ordering are the client’s responsibility. If the wrong niche or URL is provided, we will make the change for our clients when notified, but any traffic already delivered will not be refunded. If a client orders more traffic than they wanted, a partial refund can be granted, but only if the traffic campaign has not yet been set up.

Unavailable Client Website

If a client’s website becomes unavailable for any reason, the client will not hold Elite Website Traffic or its affiliates responsible for the error. If the error occurred because the client ordered more traffic than his or her hosting plan could handle, the client will be held responsible. We do not know how much traffic a client’s hosting plan can handle and cannot guarantee the client website’s uptime.

While our tech team does monitor active campaigns and will stop a campaign when they find a client website down, traffic that was delivered when the client’s website is unavailable will not be refunded. It is the client’s duty to monitor his or her website’s uptime and to stop his or her campaign through the c-panel we provide if the client’s website becomes unavailable.

Blaking of Referral

We provide a blanking service to our clients who do not wish to see our tracking URL's in their stastics. The blanking should be at least 99% effectiveness, however we can not guarantee that number. The blanking script is effected by the browser, operating system, and internet speed of the visitors. When a browser or operating system is updated, it can lower the effectiveness of the script. We keep it updated, but can not guarantee it's effectiveness at all times.

Sales / Conversions / Sign ups

We do not guarantee clients will have conversions or sales from our services. We only guarantee the number of visits ordered, and will not grant refunds based on a lack of conversions.

Refund Policy

We will only offer a refund if you do not receive all of the traffic ordered, determined by our technical team and one of our recommended trackers. The refund will be adjusted for the amount of traffic not delivered or a client could choose to have the rest of their ordered traffic sent. All refund requests will be honored in the seven days after the end of your delivery date. After seven days, no refunds will be granted. Requests for a refund, because a client is using a tracking script we do not recommend, will not be granted.

We unfortunately can not refund via bitcoins. We do not have a wallet and use a third party that doesn't provide a refund option. We can however send the refund amount via paypal to you.


The only guarantee we offer our clients is that they will receive the traffic to the URL they provided us. In no event shall we be held liable for any consequential, direct, indirect, incidental, punitive, or other damages whatsoever arising from the use of our service.

Registration Data and Privacy

To order our services, a client will be required to create an account with us. Your information will be stored by, whose website is secure and PCI complaint. We will not share your information.


The services offered and this site are not associated, endorsed, affiliated, or sponsored by Google, Youtube, or any of the third party trackers we recommend. Nor have our services been reviewed, certified, or tested by those companies.

ToS Changes

We reserve the right to change these terms of service without notice.

Governing Law, Jurisdiction, and Attorney Fees

This agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the United States and the State of New York. Any dispute arising under or related in any way to this agreement shall be adjudicated exclusively in the state courts located in Onondaga County, New York. In the event of litigation to enforce any provision of this agreement, the prevailing party will be entitled to recover from the other party its costs and fees, including reasonable legal fees.